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Such habit as mine is to give, for I know I will never lack.
– Justus Daniel


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If you want to stand out from the crowds as a personality, don’t imitate, explore your own invention.
– Justus Daniel

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Determination called you out the doom door, but procrastination will keep the door open for you to walk in again.
– Justus Daniel

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Humility is what it takes to stand up and lead; it is also what it takes to sit down and serves.
– Justus Daniel

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I think I realize my own purpose of living; knowing what to give to the world, and knowing what to take from the world.
– Justus Daniel

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The challenges of all the religions are very clear: the common fact is that they are trying to prove each others wrong.
– Justus Daniel


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Live it and let it affect the beggars
And to empowers them to become go-getters.

Though there will be a problem against injustice
That our critics will black us known or white we unnoticed.

But that cannot stop our charity to the less – privileges
Unveiling the tomorrow leaders – nevertheless!

Live life full of twists and mystery
Our victory is how many names we write in the book of history.

We will not allow our family to stop us
But our heads up the water blackmailers descend us.

Continues our journey on feeding the poor
Visit more villages that do not have access to water that’s pure.

If Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) can do it
Justusians and Non – justusians can also do it.

Never afraid to say the truths
And rarely bribes by the crooks.

We cannot stop the rich from getting richer
But we can stop the poor from getting poorer.

If we can condense corruptions through subsidy
With the acts of generosity, we can also shrink poverty.

Show to every child, a good example
And help walks them through God’s principle.

Show to our enemies, a total forgiveness
Show true love, sincerity and kindness.

Show to our love ones, unconditional loves
Cries and mourns together for our dear ones who lost.

(Excerpt from the Poetry “Generous Hands Series” by Justus Daniel)